The Associates

The Anna Chandy brand is represented by a team of highly qualified counsellors, as well as Anna herself. The team comprises professionals trained, groomed, and supervised by Anna, who represent, and add to her unique approach. The classification of counsellors is as below.


Certified Counsellor

A counsellor who has completed and received his or her certification from the International Transactional Analysis Association with a specialisation in counselling.


Senior Counsellor

A counsellor who has completed and passed a part of the examination, and is working towards certification.



A counsellor who is trained and qualified, and working towards the Transactional Analysis Certification.


Sudha Thimmaiah

Internationally Certified Counsellor

Individual session – Rs. 3000 per session; Joint/Family session – Rs. 3500 per session

Sudha has been in the field of counselling for the last twenty years. She is a certified Transactional Analyst specialising in Counselling and is currently working towards becoming a Provisional Transactional Analyst Trainer, Supervisor specialising in counselling. In her years in training and then counselling, Sudha has invested in training from International trainers, as part of her deep interest in understanding diversity within a global framework. Her own background has been feudal and patriarchal, and as a young person, she struggled with the expectations this kind of background can put on a person. This has made her particularly sensitive to the limitations faced by people living in similar situations.

With her work, Sudha enables people to manage these systems, shed these limitations, and move towards realizing their own personal and professional capacities. The foundation of this deeply insightful counsellor’s approach is her deep interest in ‘mental wellbeing’. She believes that with counselling, people can begin to see their own strengths, and find within them, powerful resources for growth. She sees her role as a counsellor as that which facilitates people to acknowledge the wealth of their own experience and create a unique framework of strengths and resources for shaping their life’s destiny. Sudha loves to travel, enjoys music, and works for animal welfare in her free time.


Reshma Prakash

Internationally Certified Counsellor

Individual session – Rs. 2500 per session; Joint/Family session – Rs. 3000 per session

Reshma Prakash works with young adults, adults and couples, using an approach based on her belief that change is possible and necessary for growth. Through counselling, she enables people to push their boundaries, experience challenges, and expand their frame of reference. Reshma’s work recognises that all people are part of multiple systems within family, community and culture, and each requires a different role. Growth happens when people make new meaning of their roles within these various systems, understanding that systems both support and constrain us. This contemporary, easy-to-relate to counsellor takes a highly individualised

view of every person she works with, as she believes that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Her approach has been shaped by her personal experience of change having lived and worked across three continents. Reshma grew up in Bangalore, has a Master’s degree from the USA, worked in New York City and with the W. H. O. in Geneva, Switzerland. She balances work with time spent with her husband, two teenage children, three cats, two turtles and a fluctuating population of fish. She is passionate about the environment, surrounds herself with greenery and enjoys reading, writing and painting.


Vineeta Sood

Educationist and Coach for Parents and Young Adults

Individual Session: Rs 2,500 per session. Joint/Family Session: Rs. 3000 per session.

Vineeta Sood works with the premise that every human being has the potential and inner wisdom to live a meaningful and harmonious life. She builds on this premise to work mainly with parents, teachers, young adults and children of varied age groups so as to raise their self-awareness and empower them to form fulfilling relationships with self, others and life.

She believes that in any culture, parent–child and teacher-student relationships play a major role in shaping the child’s way of engaging courageously, compassionately and creatively with people and the world. Further, how parents and teachers relate to the child and the child’s changing needs at different developmental stages depends on their own awareness of their relationship with themselves. She facilitates an exploration of the typical challenges that parents encounter in their relationships with their children, by examining their own frames of reference, so as to connect with their child’s reference frame.

In today’s world, there is information explosion and myriad choices available owing to media exposure and fast paced life. As a result, deeper connections within us and around us are missing. Young adults often fail to find meaning in their life. Vineeta facilitates them to identify, accept and resolve personal and professional challenges that are encountered while stepping onto a journey of self-discovery and connection with self, others and life. She creates processes that enable them to identify their passion, develop a self-designed curriculum and thus pursue the path of their choice.

She has extensively explored non-formal and informal forms of education for close to three decades now. Having homeschooled her own children, she specializes in designing and creating empowering learning spaces and learning experiences for children, parents and teachers. She loves reading, writing, being with Nature and travelling. Cooking, sketching, yoga and meditation enable her to connect to herself.


Komal Narang


Individual session – Rs. 1500 per session; Joint/Family session – Rs. 2000 per session

Komal works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has deep experience in working with issues of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem, stress, relationship conflicts, sexuality, and grief. She also works with anger management and trauma, and with people facing issues with their career, as well as those looking for personal development. A creative and naturally intuitive person, Komal’s approach weaves these abilities with her experience as a wellness coach and counsellor, resulting

in valuable interactions that are holistic, and personalised in nature. Komal sees counselling as a human developmental process that creates opportunities for awareness, acceptance, and learning about dynamics of self, others and the world. I used math fact help all the way till write my papers with college–just couldn’t memorize those. For Komal, counselling can be an empowering, yet humbling experience that enables personal growth. When not working with people, she indulges her passion for good food, good music, and yoga.