Maneesha Sarin Chawla

If I had to use one word to describe the interactions Anna and I have had for the last 3 years it would be ‘nurture’.

She has been both easy on me and hard on me knowing when each style was needed most. She has gotten to know what my needs are and let me make mistakes to learn from them. Helped me label emotions and issues that I did not have a name or understanding for. She has done this within the framework of TA and in doing so has helped me equip myself with the skills I need to nurture myself and those around me, to have faith in myself and move forward with positivity and purpose. Thank you.

Priya Mathikalath

I have known Anna for over 7 years now. Met her as a counsellor and she has played multiple roles i.e. coach, TA supervisor and consultant.

Her contemporary approach to TA supervision, counselling and coaching have supported me in reflecting and gaining different perspective, both professionally & personally. She periodically hones her skills through travel & exposure to other approaches in TA space and shares it abundantly with her TA group. She has also worked as consultant in Titan and Mahindra Retail in building gender sensitivity, group & leadership coaching and she is on board the Anti Sexual Harassment committee.

The one word that comes to my mind is “Abundance”. That’s what Anna offers in her space……abundant support to empower people.

Aradhana Lal

When I think About what Anna has brought to my life as a counsellor, as a trainer and as a guide…the answer is easy. Anna has taught me strength, faith and love – in myself and of myself. This seems rather basic but it is incredible how difficult a thing it is for many of us to do..given our circumstances and stories.

I have studied Transactional Analysis with Anna (as part of a small group) for close to 3 years + been a part of an intense Workshop on self discovery – The River Program + done several one-on-one counseling sessions with Anna. Let me state that.. the excellence, professionalism, candor and respect for all people that Anna holds is unparalleled. Working with her has equipped me to cope with my family, friends and my colleagues – boss, peers n team members – in a more real and ‘living in the moment’ manner. This not only means I respect myself and my space more but concurrently people respect me more and I them. This is a win win situation.

I am focused on continuing my learning process with Anna and will write the CTA exam in the near future. This will open up new avenues for me.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have. My co-ordinates are: M: +919818451600 E: aradhanalal1969@gmail.com

Roneeta Mukherjee

“I first met Anna way back in 2006 in my organisation where she was a Counselor. I got introduced to the concept and power of counselling through her. And that somewhere became a turning point in the journey of my life. As she became my coach for a year, my outlook to a lot of things changed. I experienced her as an extremely perceptive and intuitive person who combined these skills with compassion to guide me to seek certain clarity in my mind. And thereafter I started my TA learning journey with her. As a trainer/facilitator, she is always pushing boundaries of learning – whether it is by bringing in different methods of learning or be it by facilitating experiential exposure through providing different learning environments or simply by challenging my existing line of thinking – learning is a continuous process with her. Her levels of energy and enthusiasm is infectious and provides a drive for me. It is difficult for anyone not to get impacted when interacting with her. There is so much more for me to learn from her yet. Thank you Anna for being in my life.”

K. Mamata Krishna

I value Anna’s incisiveness, commitment, foresight and presence as a counsellor. She has been an unwavering source of support and guidance to me and my family when we were going through and emerged from very trying times.

I am a student of Transactional Analysis and run a Math Lab for middle school children where I use many of the learnings from this course. As my TA trainer, Anna has vision, is inspirational and goal oriented and constantly pushes my boundaries. I have learnt from her, experientially, the value of quality and professionalism, of working with my core strengths and of passion and innovation in my work.

As part of Anna’s training group, I recently attended a TA course at Oxford on Learning Theories and Groups. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the best TA trainers, About myself and others in a multicultural setting. I look forward to applying my learnings from this course in my CTA Exam journey and my work. Training with Anna to me embodies hard work, excitement, challenge and discovering new horizons!