Anna’s Approach

Anna engages her clients in illuminating conversations that invite them to be co-creators of their own growth. A radical in her own right, Anna welcomes clients who challenge her and who think differently. As she travels extensively , her own frame of reference is constantly expanding , due to which people from diverse cultures find it easy to relate to her, and feel easily understood and accepted. She combines Transactional Analysis principles with elements of other schools of counselling, and most importantly, her own intuition.

Anna’s approach is similarly differentiated when it comes to supervising practicing counsellors. Rather than analyse verbatims, she works with the counsellor’s personal limitations, enabling them to grow, and expand their own abilities to empower their clients.

As a trainer, her trainings are highly experiential, and based on exercises she has created. These are unique to her classes and impart Transactional Analysis principles in such a way that they become visceral to the learner.

A firm believer in authenticity, Anna’s motivational speeches stress on the importance of a positive existential stance , so that success is experienced inside-out. She is perhaps the only practitioner in the country to function in as many professional roles as she does, and she enables herself to do so by consistently engaging with highly respected practitioners in India and across the world.


Personal Story

As a young girl, Anna never saw herself as anything more than someone destined to be a wife and a mother. Although many, including her husband saw her potential, in particular her ability to gauge people within minutes of meeting them, her plan for herself ended at being Mrs. Chandy. Compelled to learn about helping people with mental health challenges because of her schizophrenic brother-in-law, Anna soon became a volunteer counsellor.

Over the years, she struggled with the many challenges she was presented with, such as being cut off from her family, being accused of manipulation and breaking up her parents’ marriage by her own mother, and much worse. She dealt with these trials with the help of counselling, and continued to work, slowly growing from being an unpaid volunteer, to the force she is today. Her work with people is a continuous reminder that the past need not govern the present, and people can reach their own potential. Just as she did.


Certified Transactional Analyst 2007

Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst 2015


Battles in the Mind – conquering and winning over emotional pain

For years, people saw Anna Chandy as a success story. A highly capable, socially well-established person from a respected family, there was no reason for anyone to believe that Anna Chandy had it anything but easy.

In 2015, Anna decided to let people in on the truth. Life had been harsh on Anna, the child of a conflicted marriage. Later, in her family of marriage, she found it increasingly difficult to cope, ending up living a life of lies and inauthenticity. Her book, Battles in the Mind, published by Penguin, copyright April 2017, is the story of her own trials and the journey that brought her out from the darkness, and in to a life of visibility, success and fame. This motivational book is a reminder to people of the resilience of the human spirit, and proof that anybody can free themselves from the shackles of the past, and live the life they were meant to.
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Successful Events

2016 has been a demanding year with appearances and invitations to many significant events. These have been received extremely positively by the audience, her hosts, as well as the press. The subject of mental health and personal fulfillment is important to Anna as seen in her videos, blogs, speeches and more, and so, being present at events dedicated to it is important to Anna. Here is a list of the events she has attended, conducted and hosted.


World Mental Health, Delhi

Oct 10th 2016 – launch of the TLLLF digital media mental health campaign.

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Managing Multiple Roles

9th June 2016, Goldman Sachs

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My journey to become who I am today

22nd March 2014,At Accenture

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You Are Not Alone

Held at Sophia Girls High School ,for teachers on 23rd March 2016.

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