Counselling is a way of resolving any emotional conflict that holds you back from living a happy and fulfilled life. By engaging you in illuminating conversations, Anna invites you to examine long-held beliefs and behaviours that are no longer useful, and helps you find strategies to discard these. Counselling can be transformative for:

  • Families looking to create harmony and accept each other’s differences
  • People who want to find better strategies to cope with co-workers, spouse, friends and family
  • People who want to reach their highest potential
  • People looking for self-discovery and understanding
  • People trying to cope with anger, anxiety or sadness
  • Children and adolescents looking for guidance
  • People who enjoy stimulating conversation and want to explore existential issues at a deeper level
  • Counselling sessions with Anna are pivotal, and lead to deep-seated change. These meaningful interactions show you that change is possible and a life free from unnecessary baggage and outdated beliefs is in your hands.