Sunitha Sivamani

Sunitha is a former HR professional who excels at working with people in any capacity. Her work as a counsellor is with adults, young adults, families and couples. Sunitha augments her abilities with extensive training in the disciplines of psychotherapy and psychology, in addition to her understanding of organisational and employee management.

Sunitha is a contemporary, capable practitioner who brings strong focus to her sessions, and adds a keen sense of observation to her approach. She believes that counselling is transformational, and must respect the individual’s ability to deal with their issues in order to move forward.

She is a closet poet, a happy baker, and an avid reader. When she is not running behind her very active little one that is.


Roneeta Mukherjee

Roneeta is a widely-read counsellor with a special interest in adolescence, grief counselling, loss and bereavement counselling and relationships. A deeply spiritual person, she draws from universal energy, and acknowledges the healing potential of the environment along with the individual’s capacity for self-healing. She combines these beliefs with her training in Transactional Analysis as well as Rogerian counselling.

Roneeta believes that counselling provides a safe space for an individual to engage in conversations that can enable a change in their life story.

She understands an individual’s position within a system, empathises with their own challenges and struggles, and facilitates a change in their outlook.

This committed, and compassionate professional brings patience and creativity to her sessions, working with people towards a more empowered future.

She also loves travelling, movies, and reading.


Komal Narang

Komal works with adolescents, adults, couples, and families. She has deep experience in working with issues of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, low self-esteem, stress, relationship conflicts, sexuality, and grief. She also works with anger management and trauma, and with people facing issues with their career, as well as those looking for personal development.

A creative and naturally intuitive person, Komal’s approach weaves these abilities with her experience as a wellness coach and counsellor, resulting

in valuable interactions that are holistic, and personalised in nature.

Komal sees counselling as a human developmental process that creates opportunities for awareness, acceptance, and learning about dynamics of self, others and the world. For Komal, counselling can be an empowering, yet humbling experience that enables personal growth.

When not working with people, she indulges her passion for good food, good music, and yoga.