Coaching involves working with an individual or group, towards enhancing their skills, knowledge or work performance. Anna offers coaching:

  • For individuals who want to develop professional excellence at the workplace.
  • For individuals who want to transition to entrepreneurship.
  • For individuals who want to change career path or come back into professional space after a break..
  • Anna provides therapeutic counselling to individuals in one-on-one and group settings. Counselling is a space where an individual works with a trained counsellor to resolve emotional or behavioral issues that may be of concern to them. Counselling could be beneficial:

  • For individuals who want to explore issues,feelings or themselves to problem solve,manage conflict.
  • For families to need to explore the family culture and its impact on individuals.
  • For individuals who feel they are going through mid life crisis.
  • For Individuals who want to link their mind, body, spirit.