Professional Workshops

Organisations are more successful when the people who work in them are empowered. This can only happen when every member of the team feels respected,aware of their purpose within the organisation and works together towards their shared goal. Achieving this takes sensitive handling, guiding people to see the situation in perspective, and helping them manage their personal agenda, as well as the company’s agenda. Anna offers a series of workshops, crafted according to an organisation’s needs that have proven to significantly improve team dynamics and people’s reported wellness. Some of the workshops that have had very positive results are:

Gender Sensitivity and Anti-Harassment at the Workplace

Based on the National Parliamentary Act 2013, this workshop helps dissolve unhealthy beliefs about the opposite sex, and encourages people to examine their behaviour with their co-workers. This leads to a shift in behaviour and genuine respect for one’s colleagues across gender, age and function.

What is my landscape?

This is an Experiential Workshop that leads professionals to understand their own internal framework that impacts their daily functioning in the workplace. Each participant is encouraged to reflect on their beliefs, expectations and their personal career road maps.

Culture and the Workplace

Cultural and cultural differences are important in a workplace . This workshop highlights its value and impact in an organisation, and works towards cohesiveness, enhancing outcomes.

Individual Leadership

Effective communication may be the crucial difference holding a leader back from true potential. This workshop is designed to help people grow in to positions of leadership and deliver greater value.

One to One Coaching

Professional coaching sessions that help individuals develop professional excellence at the workplace.

TA 101

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a social psychology that helps you understand people better, manage your relationships better, and also examine your own motivations and limitations. A TA101 is a two-day workshop that provides an experiential overview of some principles of TA, and helps you apply these to your own behaviour. Anna’s approach to a TA101 is unique and has been seen to be transformative for many. This interactive workshop enables people to communicate better, strategise in their work and personal relationships, and examine their life paths.   Read More

TA Advanced

TA Advanced training is for people who have already been through a <TA101>. Anna and her co-trainers take participants through the principles of TA in an interactive, co-creative atmosphere in which trainees are encouraged to question, challenge and arrive at inferences for themselves. With this, Anna ensures that TA Advanced trainees are learning in an adult-learning atmosphere one can find anywhere in the world, and that each trainee grows in an environment of respect and encouragement. This training is especially valuable to professionals working in the field of counselling, people working on getting International certifications as well as people deeply invested in their own personal growth. .   Read More

The Unconscious in Group Process

Date: July 5th & 6th 2019
Trainer: Thorsten Geck
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Learn to effortlessly maneuver between your personal & professional relationships