All about Anna

Anna engages her clients in illuminating conversations that invite them to be co-creators of their own growth.

body-imageAll About Anna

Compelled to learn about helping people with mental health challenges, over the years, anna has slowly grown from being an unpaid volunteer, to the force she is today.

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Rather than analyse verbatims, Anna works with the counsellor’s personal limitations, enabling them to grow, and expand their own abilities to empower their clients.

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Anna Chandy, the first TSTA from India accredited to the International Transactional Analysis Association with a specialization in Counselling.

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  1. By engaging you in illuminating conversations, Anna invites you to examine long-held beliefs and behaviours that are no longer useful, and helps you find strategies to discard these.

  2. Anna offers a series of workshops, crafted according to an organisation’s needs that have proven to significantly improve team dynamics and people’s reported wellness.

  3. Transactional Analysis (TA) is a social psychology that helps you understand people better, manage your relationships better, and also examine your own motivations and limitations.